My name is Lily wyldflower and I've always been passionate about health and well being. After studying health science for the last two years I am now starting my very own business. With a love for plant medicine, I am excited to share with this amazing flower- Butterfly pea.

This stunning blue tea is made from deep indigo flowers originating from South East Asia, It has been a well kept secret until now.

Not only is it incredibly good for you, but when made into a tea it has the ability to change colour! Changing from a vibrant blue hue to a pretty purple and pink using only the squeeze of a lemon. This is a natural phenomenon due to the change in pH, it really is beautiful & magical stuff.

Butterfly pea flowers can be used in baking, cooking, for cocktails or as an all natural dye. Let your imagination run wild when using this sacred plant. 

But the best part?, it's filled with antioxidants, promotes healthy eyesight, it's said to be a mood enhancer, it's good for cognitive function, great for hair growth, ameliorates diabetic conditions, accelerates weight loss, enhances skin health and much more! Drink it every day to get glowing from the inside out.