Rose quartz water bottle

Rose quartz water bottle

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Enjoy the benefits of energised water, with the imprint of the loving vibration of rose quartz. 

Using a rose quartz water bottle allows the crystal’s energy to combine with water to provide a refreshing and powerful crystal elixir that will infuse your body with exquisite healing properties throughout the day. 

Crystal elixirs, also known as gem water, have been used for centuries due to their powerful physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. One of the many benefits of a rose quartz crystal water bottle is that it allows you to take the healing properties of this crystal with you wherever you go so the loving energy of the quartz can resonate with you and the people and places that you come into contact with. You won’t have to worry about losing the crystal either!

Drinking from a rose quartz water bottle is completely safe and as the water becomes imbued with the energy from the rose quartz you may even find that it tastes slightly sweeter and softer than the water you normally drink. As the gem water becomes illuminated with a pink glow from the stone you will be amazed at its striking beauty. You’ll want to reach for your water bottle all day!

Whether you are new to using gemstones or a long time fan of the healing properties of crystals, a   rose quartz water bottle is the perfect addition to your lifestyle.

Rose quartz is known as the love stone as it resonates with the vibration of love and encourages the heart chakra to open. The heart chakra can be found at the centre of the chest and is one of the seven energy centers in the body. If this chakra is not balanced we can experience low self-esteem, depression, loneliness, heartbreak, jealousy and problems giving and receiving love.

The ancient Greeks and Romans knew about the ability of rose quartz to vibrate unconditional love and they used it to attract love in all forms, including platonic, familial, romantic and self love.

Love is a powerful emotion that carries a strong charge and it is so important to have if we want to live fully. When we open our heart to love with the help of rose quartz crystal it can bring more self-confidence, warmth, happiness, joy, romance, friendship and many opportunities to develop wonderful relationships for life.