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Blue Sodalite Crystal Tea Strainer (heart)

Blue Sodalite Crystal Tea Strainer (heart)

SKU: 24

These gorgeous tea strainers feature a blue sodalite crystal carved into the shape of a heart. Simply add the flowers inside of the mesh strainer and close shut and dunk the ball into your cup and leet steep for about 5 minutes.

Sodalite is said to be a stone of mental and intuitive awareness. It can assist in any kind of mental, creative, or intuitive process, and is ideal to wear for artists, shamans, and visionaries, as well as students and teachers.

It is especially useful in mindfulness meditation, as it enhances the ability to be a neutral witness to your own thoughts. This lets you unwind mysteries behind your motivation, subconscious desires & actions, and resolve inner conflicts.

If you use divination methods like tarot and astrology, sodalite can increase your insight into patterns and symbolism. It is also useful for lucid dreaming, shamanic journeying, and any kind of pursuit of inner awareness.

Sodalite is an ally in deeply understanding your path through life and where you are getting stuck. It can help you understand and transform unconscious patterns that are blocking you from moving forward.

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